How to prevent apps from logging me out on inactivity

For security reasons, certain apps, such as Xero, would log users out automatically when you're not using the app for some time. If you dislike this behavior, you can set WebCatalog to reload the web pages/websites after some time to keep your session active and prevent the apps from logging you out.

To enable it for the whole app:

  • Open the app's Preferences window.
  • Go to Extensions.
  • Enable Reload web pages automatically.
  • Enable Only reload on inactivity.

To enable it for one particular workspace:

  • Switch to the workspace you want to enable this setting.
  • Choose Workspaces > Configure Current Workspace (from the menu bar)
  • In the configuration window:
    • Go to Extensions.
    • Change Reload web pages automatically to Yes.
    • Change Only reload on inactivity to Yes.
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