How to define external URLs

Internal URLs are links that open in your default browser instead of within the app.

By default, WebCatalog detects internal URLs automatically based on the app/workspace domain and other factors.

Additionally, you can go to Preferences… > Advanced > External URLs to define additional rule for detecting internal URLs using regular expression (regexp). Any URLs that match the defined rule will be considered external URLs and will be opened in the browser.

Here are few examples:

  • .* match all URLs
  • .*(* match all URLs that belong to
  • .*(|* match all URLs that belong to and
  • (https:\/\/* match all URLs that start with
  • (https:\/\/\/webcatalog) match exactly URL

You can also use one of these great tools to test your rules:

The regexp rule is case-insensitive /i and only considers a URL internal if it is an exact match ^rule$.

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