How secure and private is WebCatalog?

At WebCatalog, we understand the importance of security & privacy and take them seriously. That's why we design WebCatalog with privacy in mind and give you control over your information.

Cross-Site Tracking Protection

By default, every app, every account or service you install or add in WebCatalog runs in an independent container with separated cookies and browsing data. This design prevents data collection companies from using cross-site trackers to watch you, build a profile of you, and serve you ads as you browse the web.

Built-in Ad Blocker

WebCatalog's integrated ad blocker blocks intrusive ads, helps web pages load faster, and protects your devices from malicious ads and trackers. No extensions are needed.

Secure Password Management

By default, we DO NOT store your passwords, not even locally. If you opt to save your passwords with the built-in autofill feature, we keep all your saved passwords encrypted locally with the master key stored securely in Keychain Access on macOS, Credential Vault on Windows, or Secret Service API/libsecret on Linux.

Opt-in Telemetry

To diagnose bugs in the app quickly and understand how to improve the product, we do collect anonymous crash reports and usage data - BUT only with your permissions (prompted when you run WebCatalog for the first time).

Reliable Foundation

We build WebCatalog on top of popular and stable software such as Electron and Chromium, the same technologies that power Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Slack, Notion, and thousands of apps.

We commit to always keeping WebCatalog up-to-date with the latest software and security updates. Specifically, we aim to keep WebCatalog no older than within 2 major versions of Chromium (for example, if the latest released major version of Chromium is 85, WebCatalog will be on at least Chromium version 83 or higher).

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